Our Mezcal


It is a Mexican company founded in 2014, with the firm idea of promoting the tradition of the renowned Oaxacan culture throughout the world, through one of the iconic products of the region. Mezcal Sureste 16° brings a wealth of acestral knowledge, an organic and artisan process in its elaboration ; obtaining a product of the highest quality. “POSITIONING WORTHILY OAXACAN MEZCAL”

Mezcal Sureste 16° is an organic and artisanal mezcal produced in the town of San Luis del Rio in the District of Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca.

The region is located at kilometer 100 of the Oaxaca-Istmo, International road, and a deviation of 15 kilometers road to the village.

Why it is organic?

“For the raw material used (agave) production is 100% natural; and we do not use any chemical fertilizer to achieve accelerated growth of the maguey, as it naturally takes between 6 and 7 years to maturity, nor any chemical is used during the production process.

Mezcal Sureste 16, besides being organic and be produced using traditional methods is certified by the CRM (Mezcal Regulatory Quality Council) which is the agency responsible for regulating our product  according quality standards  concerning :

  • Acidity
  •  Methanol
  •  Percentage of Alcohol by Volume

Sureste 16 is a Mezcal de 42° mezcal to give a mild, smoky flavor and a delicate texture.


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